The story

“Hardtack” - John Cogburn, 1834 – 1911 CE

Known Associates:
Branch: Makers Guild (Chiarra Aldiliru) - KI (Earth)

Known after the American Civil War as “The Hero of Fort Stedman,” Company cook, Cogburn was simply called “Hardtack” by fellow soldiers for making this staple ration somewhat edible. When the Fort was briefly overrun during the Siege of Petersburg, Hardtack defended the armory, allowing Gen. Parke’s IX Corps to retake the fort in a rapid counteroffensive. In 1868, “Hardtack” opened one of the post-war boom breweries that remained active until Prohibition, developing a reputation for creative brewing and becoming famous for his copper ales that live on in the Hardtack Copper from Declaration.


Appearance: Transparent with a Copper or deep Baltic Amber colored, off-white head
Aroma: Roasted barley, toast, a hint of chocolate and nut
Flavor: Bready, slight roast character, hints of chocolate, nut and caramel
Mouthfeel: medium bodied and crisp
Overall: Phenomenal!
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