The story

“Impure” Penelope Armstrong, 1764 – 1818 CE

“Impure” Penelope Armstrong, 1754 – 1828
1st Branch: League of Archivists (Kayunto Aldiliru) – Wind (IM)
2nd Branch: **Elected** - The Sway (Mazua Aldiliru) - MU (Water)
3rd Branch: **Awarded** - The Guardians (Nafusai Aldiliru)- *Society of the Purloined Pearl* - UD (Fire)

Following her father’s footsteps, Penelope played roles in the American and French Revolutions. She even won a drinking competition against a French General leading to the 1778 French intervention during the American Revolution. In 1789, Penelope was accused of treason for her role in the French Revolution against the Crown. Fleeing to England, then India prompted her to create the first known voyage-ready IPA. In honor of her “impure” heart and favor of freedom, she was made a Pearl and immortalized with her own IPA the we enjoy today, the Impure Penelope Armstrong by Declaration.


Appearance: Golden color, creamy white head
Aroma: Piney nose with strong scents of citrus, especially lemon
Flavor: Well-balanced bitter with pine, lemon, floral notes, clean finish
Mouthfeel: Wet, with a clean and balanced finish
Overall: A crisp and clean, slightly bitter forward IPA with a pleasant finish
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