The story

“Impure” Penelope Armstrong, 1764 – 1818 CE

Known Associates:
The daughter of the infamous Sir Yeissac Brewton, Penelope was raised in the midst of the American Revolution, learning her father’s tradecraft: subterfuge, rebellion and beer. As Brewton’s daughter, Penelope was the heir to the Chair of Society, but little is known of the role she played within the group upon her assumption. She was known to have developed a very strategic mind and after Brewton’s assassination, Society went virtually dark, with no traceable outward activity. Information available suggests she contracted operations in order to decrease the level of attention Society was receiving – as the world connected the group was forced to evolve tactics. Some evidence exists placing her back in Europe, playing an instrumental role in the French Revolution sparked in 1789. Further rumors place her death around 1818 CE in the United States however her grave has never been found.


Appearance: Golden color, creamy white head
Aroma: Piney nose with strong scents of citrus, especially lemon
Flavor: Well-balanced bitter with pine, lemon, floral notes, clean finish
Mouthfeel: Wet, with a clean and balanced finish
Overall: A crisp and clean, slightly bitter forward IPA with a pleasant finish


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