The story

Pol Irskyn, 1183 – 1242 CE

“Mile Highlander” - Pol Irskyn, 1183 – 1242 CE
Branch: Makers Guild (Chiarra Aldiliru) - KI (Earth)

Dubbed the Mile Highlander due to his unusual size, Irskyn was born in 1183 near the Old Scottish Highlands. An experienced warrior, as many were, Irskyn ascended to clan Brewmaster, becoming a trusted advisor to the Chieftain until the Davidian Revolution. New, English “Leadership” and taxes drove Irskyn underground politically and professionally, forcing them deep into the Highlands with what remained of his clan. English encroachment finally forced a decisive battle. Rumors of Irskyn’s survival persisted but were never proven, but his favorite strong ale lives on in the Mile Highlander from Declaration.


Appearance: Dark caramel color, transparent, light tan head
Aroma: Strong sweet caramel, light roasted malt, very slight floral aspect
Flavor: Rich malty caramel dominates, slight roast malt flavor
Mouthfeel: Full bodied, smooth and creamy
Overall: Complex sweet malty beer
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