The story

Pol Irskyn, 1183 – 1242 CE

Known Associates:
Pol Irskyn was born into the Erskine Clan near the southern edge of the Old Scottish Highlands in 1183. Recorded history of this time is spotty but it is believed that Pol’s family ran one of the clan’s breweries until the English began the “Davidian Revolution,” replacing local officials with Englishmen. Irskyn fled with his family to the nearby Highlands where some freedom remained and continued to brew beer, accumulating and feeding the remains of the clans not complicit with the English. Eventually, the English began their encroachment of the Highlands forcing Irskyn and his band to react. Legend has it that he was a titan on the battlefield, unstoppable and uncompromising in every way. Sadly, the rebellion was unsuccessful and Irskyn’s army was rumored to have been annihilated. However, Irskyn himself survived the retreat deep into the Highlands and remained there crafting beer until his death, reportedly around 1242.


Appearance: Dark caramel color, transparent, light tan head
Aroma: Strong sweet caramel, light roasted malt, very slight floral aspect
Flavor: Rich malty caramel dominates, slight roast malt flavor
Mouthfeel: Full bodied, smooth and creamy
Overall: Complex sweet malty beer


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