The story

Purloined Pearl – The Guild– Numerous rumored manifestations through history. No known origin.

The Guild is believed to have originated in prehistory, under similar circumstances and timing as Society, with instances of activity reported from across the globe throughout recorded history. In the few records available, the two organizations appear to be allied but not beholden to one another. The Guild’s agents, or “Pearls,” are thought to have been so skilled and deft as to have even stolen the fire from the Gods (Phrase origin?). The one account from an unconfirmed “Pearl” indicates that they are taken as children and raised by The Guild, indoctrinated with the skills and knowledge to be effective agents in the world. A ruthless lifestyle that keeps the “Pearl” alive and anonymous results; The Guild appears to be willing to go to any lengths to keep their secret.


Appearance: Light golden color, brilliantly clear, creamy white head
Aroma: Citrus, floral, spicy
Flavor: Citrus and spice blended with a light malt character
Mouthfeel: Bright, wet, smooth
Overall: Very approachable, excellent refreshing beverage


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