The story

The Society of the Purloined Pearl (Origin – Prehistory)

Branch: The Guardians (Nafusai Aldiliru) - UD (Fire)

The Society of the Purloined Pearl is an elite organization within the Guardians League, tasked with protecting the interests and secrets of the “Lugallu,” or civilized (beer drinking) mankind. Knowledge of this specialized group and its activities is limited as they operated clandestinely. It is known that in some rare instances, membership was awarded to individuals outside the Guardians based on merit of deed. It’s considered a great honor. “Pearls,” as members of the Society are known, have been documented throughout known history, ubiquitously, and thus have earned a dedicated ale, the Purloined Pearl by Declaration.


Appearance: Light golden color, brilliantly clear, creamy white head
Aroma: Citrus, floral, spicy
Flavor: Citrus and spice blended with a light malt character
Mouthfeel: Bright, wet, smooth
Overall: Very approachable, excellent refreshing beverage
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