The story

“Veiled Vixen” – Violet Voss? – Location: California, Lived: 1947-???

Known Associates: “The Professor”
Branch: League of Archivists (Kayunto Aldiliru) – Wind (IM)

Officially accepted into the League of Archivists by the “Professor in 1972,” Voss was raised within the diverse and developing surf culture of Southern California. A voracious learner, she excelled at school and like her siblings, worked picking & selling fresh picked strawberries to earn money. Every off-hour she spent surfing and turning leftover berries into more nefariously fermented products. “Found” by the Professor and formally educated became a potent force within the League, earning her own ale, the Veiled Vixen Strawberry Wheat by Declaration.


Appearance: Straw color, transparent
Aroma: Light strawberry nose balanced with light malty sweetness
Flavor: Wheat forward, but light with a hint of strawberry
Mouthfeel: Light body, with a bright clean fruit note, slightly dry finish
Overall: Light and refreshing wheat beer without overbearing fruit
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