The story

Vittoria of ?????? - 1475-1531 CE

Known Associates: Da Vinci
Vittoria, so named by the Dominican Order she was “abandoned” to upon birth for unknown reasons by unknown parents. Her intelligence and cunning was apparent from an early stage causing the church to relocate her regularly in an effort to keep her out of trouble, ultimately landing her at the Basillica Santa Maria delle Grazie of Milan in 1463. The Dominicans there had a good relationship with none other than Leonardo da Vinci and they presumed he could rein in her tendencies through apprenticeship. While da Vinci has been hailed as a member of many secret organizations, a common denominator seems to exist amongst all the rumors, a little known organization only referred to as “The Founders.” Having instilled knowledge and skills in Vittoria, da Vinci had molded her into the Veiled Vixen and placed her in the employ of The Founders. However, newly uncovered records indicate that she regularly worked with Society, reinforcing the dark link between these groups. The Vixen, as she was commonly known, is credited with over 30 known kills but the actual number, though lost to time, is thought to be more than 10 times that many.


Appearance: Straw color, transparent
Aroma: Light strawberry nose balanced with light malty sweetness
Flavor: Wheat forward, but light with a hint of strawberry
Mouthfeel: Light body, with a bright clean fruit note, slightly dry finish
Overall: Light and refreshing wheat beer without overbearing fruit


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