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Signature Beers

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The “Oggmentor Effect” is a Bavarian Märzen style lager with a complex malty-caramel sweetness, toasted notes and complimentary floral hop undertones. This is a rich, smooth bodied beer with a pleasant aftertaste and a slightly dry finish that leaves the palate thirsty for more!

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What we're pouring...

Balancing science and art to craft superior beer is what Declaration Brewing Company does. Based in Colorado, the heart of the craft movement, we’ve created over 70 unique beers in our two years, including ales, lagers, barrel aged and sours. Preamble Taproom features up to 40 of these beers at any time and with weekly releases - it is Denver’s largest draft selection at a brewery.

The Signature Series of beers, our flagships, include everything we package in cans & kegs – these beers can be found at retailers all over Colorado and Wyoming (so far), check out our Beer Beacon to find your nearest station for Declaration! Look for new additions to this series in 2017!

Our Seasonal & Specialty Series beers are more exclusive and only available on draft at select locations – again, check our Beer Beacon for details. It’s a diverse range with many ales and lagers but also a few sours and barrel aged selections that have gained popularity with our retailers and at Premable. The most popular may get canned into the Signature Series in 2017 with others destined for bombers!

The ExperiMentals, as the name indicates, are beers concocted in the spirit of science and discovery – or maybe just some hair-brained idea we couldn’t resist. Brewed in batches of 10 barrels or less, these beers rarely make it beyond Preamble Taproom they sell so quickly. Open to all styles of beer, this is our most diverse series with even more barrel aged and sours, even pilot beers from our yeast laboratory!

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